Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Statement

This blog has been open for a year and a half and contains many posts already as I enter the EC world of bloggers. Feel free to wander or use the search engine and view all that I have been led to write as I journey.

"Each Step I Take With God" is about the many transitions in my life, changes, growth, maturity and my mistakes as I choose to follow Him and the tough love God was forced to use to get through to me when His gentle love and kindness didn't work.

My heart-felt changes, my experiences and steps in learning are here.

I am a Christian, a sinner, a struggling human with resources to guide me.

I know that Salvation is the answer, that falling down and getting up
again is a part of being human. And I know that God's hand is always
there to reach out and grab me as I fall.

I believe strongly in Americanism not socialism and believe that God expects
Christians to stand up and lead. I believe that human frailty is a given. I am
strongly and verbally opposed to abortion!

This blog is about the many experiences in my life that lead and teach me as
God would have me follow.

Tears, pain, smiles and joy are a part of our life as humans, and Christ is truly the answer
for our Eternal Salvation and guidance through this earthly life.

As God leads me, I follow, I share. I believe that there is a message for you somewhere

Share with me through God's lessons with tears of joy and pain as we take these steps together
Trust and believe in Him

"From the Cradle to the Cross" That is what our Lord did for us, each one of us.

Spend each day in prayer and learn to trust that God has the answer.


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