Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The Greek letter Chi (X)

"A symbol for Christ"

Many Christians get in a uproar about the use of Xmas for the word Christmas. I was told maybe 20 years ago by a pastor, James Branch of the Faith Memorial Baptist Church in Jacksonville Florida that it is a misunderstanding by Christians.

He said from the pulpit that we as Christians should be informed and pleased to use the symbol X in place of the word Christmas. It in fact injects "Christ our Savior" into the word. It takes the commercialism out of the holiday word and places Christ into it.

I have heard so much criticism about it and have seen the hysteria on website blogs so I did some research myself. In fact, what I accepted from him (Branch) was as I have found to be true.

The letter chi from the Greek alphabet is the letter X in our language. It was and is used and widely accepted as the very symbol to reference our Lord Himself.

Just a note:

Do some research yourself and be ecstatic to see Christ in the word no matter how it is written. Don't be uninformed and, be accepting of the facts. As a Christian don't get upset when you see it used, it's origin was not about laziness or an anti Christian movement to take Christ out of the holiday. When you see it used, smile and praise God - someone knows the true meaning of Xmas.

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