Monday, March 30, 2009

God's Little Lillies

Imagine the world if these faces never happened, imagine taking their life, a life that God had a plan for regardless of the circumstance of conception.

Please visit these two blogs and join in praying and 'taking action'

Please, please open your heart to prayer for the unborn babies not merely and insignificantly embryos, but babies being slaughtered.

Stand publicly against abortion and embryonic stem cell research. How? Research it, Blog it, Put a sign in your yard, Reference it, Speak to friends, family and strangers - discuss it, Respond to others blog sites, Use bumper stickers, Write your Congress Person and write the President...The time is now!

These are God's Little Lillie's being plucked and destroyed before blooming!

God is the Answer - Prayer is the Your resource - Use it today


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