Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This year...


What can I say! I made it.

Thank You Lord Jesus for the path you have had me travel this past year, for the tiny steps you have laid before me. Thank You for holding my hand and bringing me back each time I veered off Your path. For picking me up and brushing me off to start again.

My earnest prayer is that in 2010 I am more focused on Your will, on Your words and Your tasks for me than ever before. I pray as I take my tiny steps my heart hears and see's only You.

Keep me focused on this blog that the words I write here are Your words, not mine. Send me Father I want to "go". Amen

Happy New Year to all and God's grace to you, watch for it and let God bless you each day.

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  1. PTL! I've been blessed to enjoy so many incredible gifts in 2009. So much abundance. So much mercy. Thank you, Lord.

    Help me to make 2010 my year of appreciation for every tiny gift.



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