Wednesday, October 29, 2008

God's Children

Thank you Lord for the quiet moments you provide. They are the times when I recharge or reset myself to start again.

Raising this grandchild Z, has turned out to be much more of a challenge than I imagined. He is a child with AS Autism and if that wasn't enough has been damaged by the four parents in his life. A normal child would have trouble adjusting to a healthy life given the same parents and the same situations.

Lord help me to overcome the obstacles, help me to listen and be ready for Your instructions, help me to follow without question and let You repair the damage done here. I need to learn when to step aside and let you handle this. I need to be better at letting go and not getting so emotional about him or the events that take place. I need your help Father.

This child is growing up now and will have so many needs as an adult to be learned. So many things to take on with so many challenges, just to learn to be an adult and be responsible for himself and he hasn't even learned how to be a child yet. I am asking You Father to provide that for him, with me or elsewhere just provide it for him, show me the way Lord to best help this child to grow strong and healthy spiritually and emotionally and physically.

Father go beyond this one child and reach out to every parent Lord that they would hear You, that every child would be raised for Your purpose Lord Jesus knowing You.

Be with the Leaders of the "Write2Ignite" conference coming up Nov 7-8, they have put so much into doing this for you and into reaching out for the spiritual health of the children of this nation. I have no doubt that You will provide both the needs and the fulfillment of this task You have given them. Send Your students to the teachers Father they are ready for You.

PS: (maybe just a little something extra - relaxation, let gooooooo-ness! for the workers, remind them Lord that You have it all under control)


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  1. Thank you for the prayers on our behalf. I still don't understand all that God is doing, or is going to do, with Write2Ignite! but I think I'm very close to letting go. To relaxing in the fact that He has a perfect plan for Write2Ignite! just as he does for everything else in my life.

    And yours.

    Thanks, I love you, Sis.



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