Friday, January 1, 2010

The Breath of Life

Please view this amazing video with sound, seeing not just the beauty of this God given life but the horror that it would be to end it. In 5 minutes, 51 seconds, receive the message. I am so proud of Tabitha and Michael as young, Christian, committed parents for putting this video up for the world to see, for stepping out there.

The struggle over abortion has been brought to the forefront again like a light pouring from God's heaven. As Christians we know the consequences of murder from God's Holy Word but many have chose to not use God's Word for their guide through life.

There are many forms of birth control, rhythm, pills, patches, internal apparatus, external apparatus and the most recent and vile - same-sex-partner sex by heterosexual teens.

But the most heinous and horrible methods is in fact abortion. There has long since been a cry from God Himself for us to stop the murder of God's Little Lillies. To allow their birth and life, the gift from God once conception has taken place.

Sin is in the act of sex bringing about the conception of the innocent human being. NOT in birth.

I trust God is ready with arms wide open to accept the life of each innocent but, with painful heart wrenching tears in his eyes at the loss of His gift of life being taken away. His heart must be broken each time He sees one of His creation commit this heinous and ungodly murder.

Genesis 2:7
And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Here we are alive being blessed with a new year again 2010 (those of us who weren't aborted), and I wanted to start it with this heart felt, painful and begging plea for each of us to step outside-the-box and commit to stopping the extermination of these innocent and precious lives.

Those of us who stand for Christ and life must stand 'taller', we must shout 'louder'. We must gather in greater numbers in prayer and in front of man, face to face with His message. Life is at risk and souls are at risk.

Christ is coming again! He will stop this and other crimes against Him when we will not. When we stop loving in His name, sharing His Word and shouting His truth!

Have a strong and powerful New Year. Have a prayer filled New Year, decide that this year "I" will make a difference in God's name.


  1. Is anything God made more beautiful, more complex, than this?

    Lord, save the children! Stop us before we annihilate the next generation!


  2. Very powerful! Thank you for sharing this video and awesome words!

    -Alisa Hope


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