Friday, August 7, 2009

God is Love

Below is a little, very little, video Z made a year ago.

I am amazed every time I look at him now, he is 6 feet tall and very bulky, much like his dad is built.

Z will be 15 this month but emotionally and socially he is about 9-10 now. He has AS autism and is no "cup-cake" believe me. But I am surprised daily at his growth both physically and emotionally .

There are times when I have the desire to reach out and strangle him (LOL), and times when he is like a small child needing everything a little boy does including a hug and kiss to go to sleep at night.

This video is one he had me shoot for him only a year ago with his camera. It doesn't have sound so he used cards. Pretty ingenious I think, and shocking as I look back at him and how very different he is today. We were in the Forrest camping and just doing all kind of silly things.

I am just sharing because he was so cute a year ago and I enjoy looking at how he managed to make this little 30 second video. (sorry, it sped up when loaded here, it's fast)

Hoping someone else enjoys and it takes you into your weekend with a smile. God is love and that is never more evidently pronounced for us than when we look at our children.

It makes me so happy to look at this but there is a dark cloud overhead also, I can't help but think about all the precious smiles and silly giggles that this world is missing because of abortion. How many beautiful and precious lives have been taken because of the self centered attitude of adults.

Thank You Father for another way, bless and forgive us, help us! We desperately need for you to step in and change the hearts of our leader and millions of Americans who follow him in this legal slaughter of Your precious little Lillie's all over the world. AMEN

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  1. It seems to me that the sacredness of life is pretty much polar. There is no middle ground. Either we believe that every life is sacred, or we believe that every life is dispensable.

    We are all--all--created in the image of God.

    Love you,


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