Wednesday, August 5, 2009

check 1, check 2...

I'm listing again!

I am biting off more than I can chew again (no not me!), so I had to spend Sunday re-evaluating my lists and re-organizing my thoughts.

I assigned a certain blog to certain days only (I must not Vere), I assigned school time for Z, I listed the times I need to be where, when. I checked my calendar so not to trip over any dates already taken and accounted for rides for others when needed.

I set aside Thursday morning for library time, housework as needed (ha!), shopping, catch-up school work day for Z, taking care of the lawn. There was Church time, study time...and as is obvious I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT A LIST.

"I'm pathetic and I can't get up"

When I was younger I just got everything done, I don't even remember how, it needed to be done and there I was doing it with such order. Those days are gone.

So I was thinking about that today and I think one reason is because I was then involved with myself and my children only as a parent and also there was no pc in my home.

Now I am working (playing) on the pc, helping my neighbors, giving people rides and interested in what other's needs are and willing to be used.

Be careful what you ask for, you may get it (LOL) I'm only joking, I did ask and am completely grateful to God that He allowed me, found me worthy, to be used.

Yes I am busy as a little bee and without it I would be just growing old without purpose. So at this point yep, I need list's and sometimes have trouble keeping up with them but It feels 'spiritually healthy'.

I like that Father and thank You. Keep rewinding (re-listing) me and I'll keep going.

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  1. I'm a list maker, too. Can't get it all done without them! Even all the tasks I need to finish as related to my family require lists!

    Thank you, Lord, for the mental wherewithal to make lists and for the satisfaction it brings me to check things off those lists!

    Couldn't survive without them.

    It must genetic.



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