Monday, August 10, 2009

Am I that Obvious?

Yesterday morning in church as always, a different deacon each week, steps up on the platform and offers prayer to God.

This Sunday was different. As a very small and slow, very elderly man made his way to the podium without assistance, without a Bible in his hands or notes to be seen, his very stature was different. His silence and slow motions were not annoying they were both respectful and commanding.

He gave no explanation, no lead-in sentence or humor he just opened his mouth as through him God poured out the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard.

There was not one colorful, dramatic or emotional extra word used, no struggling to cover all the necessary territories. There was no A, B, C to it as is a "memorized prayer" or prayer pattern. This was the words of God being sweetly poured from His vessel.

These words were not lengthy, nor the sentences but sweetly direct and only to the point. No stuttering or stumbling just gently flowing from the heart of this man, this vessel.

I can't explain what the whole church felt other than to say the Holy Spirit was touching every person in this building at that very moment.

When He said the word Amen, everyone slowly moved their heads up and opened eyes as if awakening from a most restful sleep, this little old man slowly walked off the platform and slowly moved to the middle of the church where his wife sat. She welcomed him with her right arm reaching as he moved onto the bench and nestled there. There eyes met with a glow and their smiles were so comforting.

I was sitting in the pew directly behind them so this all played like a slow motion movie as he came back to sit and they greeted each other so lovingly.

The entire congregation felt God's presence at just the sight and sounds of this man, Oh Lord that I would be so obvious a Christian, that I would be so usable by You. To imagine that just my voice and my silence paid such homage and demanded such respect FOR YOU, that others would see You in my presence. I can't imagine and I am still overwhelmed at how You use this man and how willing he has to be - but I want that Lord, I want the sight of me to be You for others, for them to see only You.

Thank You Jesus for this obvious Chrisitan, you introduced to me yesterday, Amen


  1. Wow! That was a holy moment. And you explained it so beautifully here, Miawa.

    I need to say Amen, too. Oh, that God could be so moment-by-moment present in my present moment.


  2. Beautifully written Miawa.

    If I may make a small observations here. (well I'm going to wether I may or
    You said (and I quote) "I want the sight of me to be You for others, for them to see only You"
    I believe that perhaps you may have had a little of that when you had your job on the corner with the sign.
    Just a thought

  3. You are so right Annie, thank you! And I love having you as my friend.
    God bless you


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