Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Listening To the Silence

Through the years I've learned a few things, usually the hard way.  It hurts when I see other people suffering around me and know that I went through or did the same things, knowing they have lessons to learn too and they don't get it yet.  I watch, I feel for them and I pray for their growth.

There have been times when I struggled with finding the answer, fought hard and got "no where".  When I witness others in the same condition I wish I could just reach out and fix it for them but I know that only God can do that, that's what they haven't figured out yet and I keep praying.

A lot of times we can't hear God over our own voices, over the screaming and crying and the pain or anger.  When He has to, He just walks away, cuts us off and waits until we are finished with our little self imposed tangent.  When we finally get quiet enough to listen to the silence, He's there to fix it.

It's hard to listen for us because we allow our minds to tell us what to do, we are only humans remember but, once you have been alone with God in your heart's mind, once you feel the reverence that brings about the peace, you know.  Once you let go of all the thinking and planning and fixing it ideas, you know.  When the silence finally becomes a restful, rejuvenating place of peace, you know.

You finally then know how to just "listen" and let God tell you what to do.  Sometimes that's to take action, sometimes it's Him telling you to stay quiet and just get out of His way.  I've learned that the most important part, my share, of my relationship with God is to first always open my heart to just listen.

No matter how much we love someone in our life, our love is not enough to complete the task at hand, it must be coupled with God's love to accomplish His task. Listening with your ears and not your heart doesn't give you the answers, you can think yourself into a frenzy, you still won't find the answer.

Nope, it's all about listening to the silence.

Amen Adon Olam, Amen!
ריבונו של עולם "Master of the World,"


  1. You might call it "spiritual colic."

  2. You've said it beautifully, Miawa. Listening in the silence for the breath of God.

    We are all so slow to learn that.


  3. How did you know that I needed this gentle reassurance right now? :) I've been watching my son struggle with a problem and he's come to me to fix it for him. I told him no, but I would give him moral support, listen to him give advice if I can. It's hurt to say no and I was laying in bed last night asking for help with this. Actually it was probably more me asking Him to help me let go since it's not my problem :)

  4. Yes Gale, I guess we could! I like that.
    Jean, thank you as always for hanging in there with me.
    Annie, you are so sweet and God will lead you. He will show you way, listen!


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