Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Being Lazy...

...that was my goal yesterday, to just be lazy.

It was my birthday, the big 60.  Hm, they've all been the big 40, the big 50 and now...I guess once your are over 39 it's a big deal to keep going to any other (LOL).

I got a lot of "Happy Birthday's" on the phone, some personal notes from friends and family and a couple of treats.

My mom bought my lunch yesterday and that was an event in itself.  We went for pizza buffet at a local shop and were not impressed with the food but met a few nice people.  For a change, the cashier behind the counter was rather cheerful and just pleasant.  The food was greasy but with such a large variety we found something edible and tasty.

There were two ladies sitting next to us who were friendly and Christians we each discovered as the conversation was led in that direction.  And there was a nice middle aged, gruffy appearing hard working man alone at the other table next to us.  We chatted about his garden, our taste buds, spouses, children and the economics of today.

Just a simple little lunch out and you can learn so much about peoples lives.  I sometimes feel boxed in and hate the close seating arrangements in most restaurants but, there are times when it's nice to just meet people over a meal and be all friendly.  I guess that says something about my attitude, and "my bad". All in all a pleasant lunch.

Right up until Ms. Independent (Mom) wanted desert. I offered to get it but she of course wanted to look over everything and pick herself. As she left the table, about 5-6 steps into her walk there was a "splat" as she tumbled to the floor.  Several kind men ran over to grab her and we stood her up and she scurried off to the desert line.  Oh! she just kept going, I asked "is anything other than your pride hurt" she replied "I'm not embarrassed and I'm not hurt, I'm going to get some cherry pizza"  OK mom, go ahead.  I watched her and tried to stay close in case she tumbled again.  I told her to stop trying to steal all the attention on "my day" and laughed.

Next we went into the Dollar Tree to get one item but of course came out with seven, hey it's all only a dollar and there is no stopping her!  She won't admit it because complaining is her "candy" but she had a good time even with the fall. 

My son ordered me a wonderful gift but it didn't arrive on the day (sigh), my youngest daughter wanted to buy me dinner but I wasn't over that Italian disaster from earlier so I took a rain check on that.

Do I feel blessed by God? Every day! But a birthday is a special blessing in itself, just because hey, I made it another year Ta-da!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BIG SISTER J TODAY - may you feel as blessed.


  1. A great big huge Happy Birthday to you my friend. Glad to hear you had a good day. I like your goal too :)

  2. Blessings and belated birthday wishes!

  3. Thanks, Little Sister!
    I had a wonderful birthday, too. Just being remembered by people who are important to me is exciting.

    Love you,


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