Friday, November 19, 2010

Picture Perfect Friday

Got some pictures of my Uncle Jet when I took my mom to visit last week. He's 98 years old, will be 99 in February. That's worth a picture for sure. God bless and how wonderful, to be fully functional and not on any pills at his age. No stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, diabetes - none of that. He's still just rolling along, he got married about 5 years ago and is in love with his new sweetie. She is 90 and they make a comical little pair.

She was going to rehab daily when I visited - she fell and cracked her hip while on the dance floor about 2 months ago!She lost her balance and hit the floor while her girlfriend also lost her balance (they tripped on each other) and fell on top of her, and they just laugh about it.

And this is Uncle J with my mom who is 86. Their dad was 96 when he passed on and his mother was 104. They just "keep on tick'n".


  1. 98 and no pills, go Uncle Jet!!! I can only hope that I'll be like that at that age, or better yet to make it to that age :)

  2. Wow! 106. 99! Mama is just a baby at 85.

    And you will be blessed with long life, too, Miawa, for honoring Mama as you do.

    Love you,
    Sis Jean


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