Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh Rebecah!

R and I did our "sneak away, get away" Chinese buffet lunch trip today, as always, wonderful.

On the return trip we of course accidentally fell, front end first, directly, unintentionally into the parking spot right in front of the thrift store she was not suppose to go to. It was my car's fault, it just has a mind of it's own - yea, the car did it!

We hem-hawed around all the junk, complaining about how the prices on even "stuff" is rising and how different the shop is (it has a new makeover), and how much we didn't like it. That said, she being a "connoisseur of crap" still managed to find a few items worthy of her purchasing. I reminded her "Mone is going to be upset with you", she replied "Ah! I hide" and we laughed.

While traveling back the whole 2 miles to where we live, we passed an elderly man with one leg, pushing his self along backwards in his wheelchair. I commented that I see him all the time, struggling all over town. She said "seeee! I tell you bout him? No you didn't.

Just a few days ago she saw him struggling up an incline while out riding her bicycle. She is such a loving and compassionate person she parked her bike and ran over to him. She told him to put his leg up and she pushed her tiny little self as hard as she could and got him up the steep incline. He then said thank you honey, come on have a beer with me. She told him no, no. He insisted again rather rudely (flirtatiously) and she told him NO and that she had to go now. She told him "you should no drink so much, this does not make God happy"

She said her neighbor (who she told) asked her, "what are you helping that old drunk for?" she said, I no care if he drink, I no care if he rude, my heart see someone that need help and that is what I do, I help. I no judge, I do what my heart say, I know Jesus want me to help.

I agreed with her completely, judging is not in our hands because it's not in our ability - we aren't worthy. I do know as she does, that we need to be cautious for our own safety but, I would never decide to judge someone and determine whether or not they "deserved" to be helped - heavens no. God tells us when to step in and when to step away, listening is the key to that.

She saw someone in need and ran to their rescue as R always does, I'm proud of her and I love her for being exactly what she is, someone who knows and loves the Lord. Someone who reaches out to others every time she is told to.

"El Pan Seniora-Munoz" mucho gracious! Ke Dios te Vendiga (my Spanish is so bad but she knows that)


  1. What a wonderful friend you have in R. Someone who listens to God and has the courage to obey.

    Love you,

  2. Your friend R sounds like a delightful person.


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