Friday, August 13, 2010

Picture Perfect Friday

Am I boring you yet? I love my camera! I was using different things around the house for props and subjects just to practice some techniques.

The two below (reflections) took me forever - I had to find the right angle, lighting and position for the camera in combination in order to have a picture without the severe shadows and worse, reflection of the camera in the reflection itself. But I did it!

The next four were me practicing/learning to take "Low Key" pictures using natural light only, I did it!

And this one was me learning "High Key" photography. Ta-Da! The photo is of my nephew's daughter J.

This last one of the vegies, I was working on learning about the macro settings of my camera. using a few small grape tomatoes and banana peppers from my own little garden this year.

I Love My Camera, thank You Lord!!!!


  1. Boring me? Certainly not. And may I say WOW, your practice has payed off, you've got some wonderful pictures there. I can do some of that stuff with editing but not with the camera alone. Good job.

  2. These photos ARE incredible. Wow!


  3. These are really nice photos. When will we see more?


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