Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My Grandson N and I went to the Museum of Natural History a few days ago and had a swell time.

He is your average 9 year old with a natural curiosity and questions about everything from "what's that pointy thing" to "what if I was in the hospital and dieing, what would I do if...? Yes, he's a child.

Sometimes he wears me down with all the conversation and sometimes he lifts me up but he is always a pleasure and a true treasure to me. All of my grandchildren are but most of them have already outgrown me. Yep they are developing their own adult lives.

One of them wrote me a letter recently and threw me for a loop with all the thinking he had been doing and I was so ecstatic with joy and praise. I know he has a way to go and is only being childlike with questions to be answered but I pray he keeps inquiring and learning and with the many, many choices he has yet to make - he LISTENS when he prays.

I know a lot of people like me, see the tragedy that is coming our way and are ready for Christ to come again and Praise the Lord if this is the time but, I keep praying for more time. I pray that as things seem to be worsening and time draws nearer, for a little bit more time for my loved ones that don't know Him yet, that they have one more chance or two, or three but they have more time to come to Him. The thought of one of them spending an eternity in Hell is terrifying to me. Oh I know when I get to Heaven that it won't be a thought for me anymore, I will not suffer over it, I know that. However in this earthly life, my love is so strong I can't help but ask - one more chance for them.

I believe that the time Christ will come again is set in stone and God knows exactly when that will be already. I believe that we can't pray it here any sooner or pray it away any further but my human selfish heart wants time for them. I guess I should be praying for more chances in what time is left - get down on them God, work on them and reach them.

I know I'm a weakling aren't I! But I want to be in heaven for all eternity with each and every one of them yes with every one of them. So I ask again Lord - at least one more chance, Amen.


  1. We all have our weaknesses, at least yours is for a good cause :)

  2. My heart exactly, Miawa. I am burdened for my grandchildren and nieces and nephews to accept Christ as Savior. I, too, think the time for the Present Age to end is near.

    I pray for my children and children-in-law to catch the passion and urgency of it, too.

    I can only put an AMEN to what you say--Lord, give them one more chance to be saved.



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