Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Not How High You Get

...It's how low!

Here I am thinking so you guys look out!

I recently had an "adventure" (for lack of a better word) to the hospital, unheard of for me. It was terrible because of the pain and the suffering to my body but, what was worse was the suffering because of the care given in today's hospital by today's doctors and staff.

The entire staff of the rescue team and the hospital staff was so very indifferent that it was just distasteful. It actually hurt emotionally to be dredged through what today is called our "modern medical care system". Not one person looked me directly in the eyes, not one person asked the right questions or listened to any answers. It was so frightfully mechanical, indifferent and rude that it made me sad to be there and be treated that way.

Doctors are given the training, knowledge and tools from man but in the greater scope of things, they are given the ability and most important the task of healing from God. God it would seem to me is no longer a part of that system. Doctors are no longer humanitarians with the one concern of healing people, they lack compassion and the giving heart.

I imagined a ladder, each rung representing a goal for the new age physician, what would the first be "to accomplish the degree and license" then another rung to let's say "make a salary that would provide for his/her family in a comfortable manor" - what use to be called success. And then maybe now, "to make $100,000 a year" and maybe to deserve that. Then another rung for making "$500,000. a year". But the next rung would have to be $1,000,000. a year. When does the last rung on the latter end and where. Is it the one single most important goal, "serving God's people, and doing His bidding".

Christ was a healer wasn't He, I really began to think and all I can see is that Christ was the greatest healer of all both Spiritually and physically. He touched the man with leprosy with His own hand and healed him, the centurions servant and Peter's mother in law (Matthew 8). There were so many gracious miracle healing s, there was so much "authority" given to Christ by His father and in all of that, it was done for love and compassion to humanity. It was evidence of His power to be shared even unto today.

This is a different world, a doctor certainly has a right to payment for his services in lieu of the cost of his education and maintaining his family. But at what cost to society? Where is the humanitarianism, where is the compassion and love for healing. I thought to myself, how great a man (or establishment) could be if he allowed God to use him as His tool, how many, many lives he could save or at least touch if He was a healer for God, with God's purpose in mind, if he were to let God be his hands, his mind and his heart as he touched peoples lives. If that were the first rung on his ladder.

Christ never stood above the people He served, it was never important to be out front, it was His sole goal to serve His Father, our God. It wasn't ever about how high He could go it was about how low. To His knees and with His face to the ground - that is indeed what made Him a great man as He lived in the earthly body supplied to Him by His Father for His purpose - to heal. How low He was willing to go!

You don't see that in many doctors and nurses today, they are few and far between. It's all about how high they can get. And frankly, I think they are climbing the wrong ladder but what do I know!


  1. Miawa,

    I'm sorry you had such an awful experience. But it isn't just medical professionals who "do their job" to get their paycheck.

    The truth is that every person was created to glorify God by loving Him first and foremost, and by loving and serving four ellow humans.

    But that truth is followed by a second one: every person doesn't recognize or acknowledge this claim that God has on his/her life.

    Every single one of us should do our jobs (whatever they are) to honor God and to minister to other people. Auto mechanic, hair dresser, nurse, teacher, cashier, President of the USA...we should ALL serve God by serving others and treating others with compassion and respect.

    My husband and I haven't had this kind of experience with medical professionals. The facilities we've used (and they are many) stress giving care with competence, compassion, and character it seems.

    Take heart, Miawa. There ARE many wonderful medical professionals out there who DO love their jobs and love other people. I promise there are. Just like there are kind, godly gardeners and sales clerks, pharmacists and airline pilots out there.

    I pray you'll stay in good health and not need to be subjected to such "human-less" treatment again.

  2. Absolutely Jean, each of us have been given the task and fall short. My belief is that this is such a prominent profession which touches the lives of every person on this earth. And I pray that this in Gainesville is not the example of all America but I'm betting it's pretty prevalent or getting there, thanks. Bless You

  3. Sorry to hear you had to make a trip to the hospital. Hope you're feeling better. Today it just seems like too many people are all about the money. Like Jean said there are some good ones out there who know how to treat the patient, hope you find one that's right for you


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