Friday, July 23, 2010

Picture Perfect Friday

This is my mom (woman on the left) at a family dinner a few months back with her sister, their brother (sitting) and sister's husband.

Me doing the "wild thang" with the swamp monster at Goldhead Branch State Park

My youngest daughter with her husband and son at another park, "water gun fight" On these hot days it's a delight to be squirted!

This one is my son just being lazy and relaxing on a weekend day, laying back and chill'n.

My youngest grandson N last fall on a camping trip with me and his cousin Z, perfect weather for camping. And the sites were beautiful, a river running to a canal and the canal to a lake! There was also a little man made pond with beautiful growth all over it.

Two more of the grandkids, T and S (brother and sister) having a whip cream fight. That's sibling love! And this was on Thanksgiving day.

A little tid-bit day about my family and good times! About love.

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  1. What a nice collection of memories. A Thanksgiving whip cream fight sounds like a pretty fun


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