Friday, January 8, 2010

Speaking of Memories

I wrote a little story with an edit that I did for a digital scrap kit. I'm not sure that my childhood memories are always "clear" but I know that they are not imagined, they are real memories from a child's mind unadapted/unedited by my adult years spent struggling for some of the memories.

It's funny how some singular thoughts or objects stream through the process of reconditioning to our brains while growing older and a visual stays with you.

My donkey "Old Blue", my red fire engine, my blue ford peddle car, my sister Judy's surry and my grandma's china are the few things I can remember as clearly in my mind as if they were in front of my eyes today.

Thank you Lord for helping us to mature spiritually and mentally, to be able to through forethought or otherwise sift through things in our minds and filter them. Which brings about 'safer' memories and more pleasant ones than if we had the burden of remembering everything. You protect us Lord as always, even from ourselves.

Here is my memory of my Grandmas china as my child's mind remembers it. The picture of the china itself is not precise, hers was the gold glass set that was so common 70 years ago.

My grandma Susie was "old" as far back as I can remember (a child's memories LOL), She was not wealthy and had few treasures, I was about 12 years old before she had indoor plumbing (which my dad put in for her).

I remember the tattered old unmatched furniture which she kept covered with throws. She had an 'eclectic' table setting which back then just meant you didn't own a set. And she had a cabinet, a buffet actually, nothing like the one I have made, it was painted white with chips and dings all over it. But inside...inside was her one prized possession - her china.

She kept the doors locked with a tiny little key that she wore on a string around her neck and when Christmas came , woooo-wee, she brought out her china, her eyes sparkled on that day a sparkle met only by that of her prized possession. My favorite, the ambrosia was always in the largest serving bowl, grapefruit, oranges, pecans and lots of coconut.

I only remember one other time she used it and that was at her 50th wedding anniversary party. She used the serving pieces only, and she was as filled with pride to see them on the table at aunt Polly's house, as at CHRISTmas. That one thing brought her great joy.

I tried my best to remember for the backgrounds how faded, flat and dusty everything was back then. The colors, the paints and dyes weren't what they are today. The quality then would be so very unacceptable today but my memory of it all is beautiful.

I hope I did a good job of drawing on those memories and I hope it says "pride" when you look at the pieces. I hope it says "memories" when you see the backgrounds, for someone.

God bless you all and this year 2010, make wonderful memories!


  1. You didi it! You finally got that china cabinet just right. It's beautiful.

    And the memory is too. I had forgotten about that china cabinet and Grandma's china. It seems that the "things" the people we love are attached to somehow help us stay attached to memories of them (the people).

    Things like rods & reels, china, front porch swings, Studebakers, donkeys, rocking chairs and such.

    Thank you, Lord, that the beautiful memories can outlast the bad ones.



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