Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Just...

...signed my blog up at EC and have to go bust! Huuuuuh!
I'm really sorry for the inactivity but I will get on the ball as soon as I am fixed.

Please forgive me for not dropping and sharing, I hope to be good-to- go by Monday.

I got up this morning to ice everywhere, wow this is Florida the "sunshine state" (LOL).

It's really pretty Father and I love looking out the window at it but I don't really want to be out there in it. However I did, I had to take my SIL to work so at 6:15 this morning I courageously mustered up all that I could and darted from my door with my "wan-a-be-warm" Florida body straight to the car, hit the ignition, hit the climate control and flung myself out of the car and back into my doorway, phew!.

Did I mention I hate the cold, I honestly don't know why or how you Northerners do it. But it certainly is refreshing Lord I can't deny that. The cold air is clean and easy to breathe. So I guess I know why You do it - the earth and it's creature need it don't we Lord.

Here I am in my warm house now thinking about those out there without a warm place and my state of heart changes from the humor of it all to the seriousness for those who need shelter and warmth.

Be sure to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and see if there is anything God can send you to do and help them. Ask Him to use you and let you fill someone's need


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  1. Isn't it a wonderful privilege to be able to fill someone's need? God really spoke the truth when He said, "It is more blessed to give, than to receive."

    I hate being on the receiving end. There were so many, many times in the past when I was the needy one. Times when we had no choice but to receive the generosity of other people if we wanted to eat or stay warm.

    I'm immeasurably grateful that God has blessed us so that now we can do more giving than receiving. PTL!

    I guess that's what my pastor means by being a "Hilarious Giver!"



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