Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm so tired tonight,

It has been a long weekend with the cold which sort of zaps me, a lot of running in the auto, the care of my mom and my daughter having to make a trip to the ER - that one really scared me and wore me out.

She is 38 and has had a very stressful last 3 years or so. I recall telling her (a mom's wisdom you know) "if you don't slow down and handle things differently, you are going to drop in your tracks" and Lord she did. I guess if we don't have enough sense to manage the bodies you gave us, You eventually get through to us somehow don't you?

She had chest pains and pressure in her arm and shoulder and chest. She went to the ER where they did a number of tests and were going to keep her in the hospital, then they decided to let her go home (phew!) but told her she has to call a cardiologist Monday (tomorrow) and make an appointment. She is very important to me Father and I am so grateful that she is still among us, still here in my life.

I am praying to God for the best and hoping you will pray with me that she is OK and if damage, that it is repairable and all will be well. I trust You Father, I believe You are in control and You will guide us.

I am ready for the new week and ready to go forward as I take my tiny-steps with You leading me. Amen


  1. I'm praying for her. You know that, but sometimes it helps to be reminded.

    Lord, work in her life. Love her to you.



  2. Praying with you for your mom. God bless your family.



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