Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Carter Boys

My Mom and I had a conversation a few days ago.

It began with how cold it is in Florida this year, and led to: "I remember when we were kids going to schools, there were a lot of cold mornings. Somebody always got to the bus stop early and would build a fire so we were all warm. Yep that would have been "The Carter boys". "Shoot, y'all couldn't do that now because one of the kids would set another one on fire and kill him".

I commented "yes, or set the world on fire" and I thought what a sad topic, and it's the truth.

We see a generation that is different from the one prior and the one prior and so on. Each generation has a whole new set of rules or should I say morals.

We can blame it on TV, movies, cell phones, Internet bla-bla-bla but I often wonder how it got this far. Children killing children, Mommy's killing baby's, Daddy's killing families and, neighbors killing neighbors. Doctors are targets, Pastors are targets, my my my, h0w did we go this far from The 10 Commandments. Yeah you know, The 10 Commandments, they are in the Bible, God's Holy Word.

The ones that very few children are even aware of! I am not even slightly intimidated to say that I believe in a good-ole-fashioned spanking, I believe children should be taught to study the Bible, I believe they should be taught to respect elders and to respectfully follow rules - when they are not, well, you get what we have now!

This spiritual, generational, moral degradation has been going on right under our noses for years and we don't see it until it slaps us in the face. OK I feel slapped, what about you?

How do we clean this mess up? I'm thinking by starting with the Bible as our family roots again and, by teaching the children responsibility again (yes make them rake the lawn and take out the trash), by teaching if they don't follow rules there are consequences and instill in them compassion. If you feel someone Else's pain, you are not so ready to hurt them, it would hurt you also. Compassion, one of the most important and neglected words in the English language.

Most kids in American have their own tv, pc, cell phone, laptop and...were any of these rewards or are they just a 'given'? They are doorways to the world, wonderful, unless you are an immature child allowed to have these doorways to anywhere you want any time you want. Control, that's another neglected word in the adult/child relationship.

It won't happen over night for sure, it's the generations thing again but we must start somewhere and at some point in time, why not 2010.

2010 "The Year of Change" changes in me Lord, in my family, my neighborhood, the world! Changes in The Next Generation, yep that starts with "me".

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  1. This is a lot to think about, Miawa. Oh, I agree with you 100%, but, do I have the guts to do something about it?

    THAT is the thing to think about. Am I ready for the consequences of making an about-face and doing the right thing?

    But, then, am I willing to continue to live with the consequences of NOT doing the right thing?

    Consequences...we can't escape them out in that great big real world, can we?



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