Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If the 50 States were Really 50 Sisters...

There would be no picture this ugly of us, with a color scheme like this one - in existence.

There wouldn't be a man running the family - (USA), regardless of what people think we all know who's really in charge!

When my sisters kids misbehaved there wouldn't be any "analyzing, pre-trials, or a stranger making any decisions" there would be a cast iron skillet right from the get-go!

We would have a hen session once a year, not every day like a bunch of old biddies (Congress)

Our word would be worth something, not like a pack of barking dogs

The only acronyms would be: GOHN (get over here now!) and BISS (because I said so!) and my personal favorite TNTD (there ain't no tell'n your Daddy child! you know who's name is on that skillet)

We would just pick up the phone to each other and handle it!

The love would be overwhelming and powerful

We would never allow our children to go from one home place to the next and trash it, or hurt their own family

Every sister may not have the same rules exactly, but they would all have the same roots - the Word of God

Respect for God and humanity would be key, none of this "little Florida, mommy would like for you to stop burning the neighbors down please, it would be better if you burned our place down" kind of crap. Yes they call that "positive reinforcement" - huh!

We would have the nerve to tell 'the old man' (Uncle Sam) to just stay out of our business!

We would get upset every now and then with each other, pout a little, cry a little and then hug and make up.

We would be forever bound together, no matter what differences, we would forever have the desire to fix and repair, we would forever want to see the best in each other and provide the best for each other.

It would be in all 50 sisters nature to nurture and build, not to destroy.

Decisions would be made, not tossed around, remolded and played with for YEARS prior to that decision

This Nation calls us Sister States because we are related by land mass - too bad we are not related in spirit, imagine what the United States could be if the 50 states were really 50 sisters.


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  1. Interesting analogy. think we "sisters" could really pull it off? It's a cinch we couldn't do any worse.

    Love you,


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