Monday, January 18, 2010

Blessed Week!

Thursday my sisters and I met, with mom, for our monthly sisters lunch. Each time we go to a different restaurant and enjoy each others company while terrorizing the place. I'm the one with the scarf, my son called me "the old Rocker". So true, so true! And praise God those days are behind me but I still feel right styled like that.


Also Friday night my son and family had a house-warming party at their new place. We love to get together and we love to party, all three of mine were there which pleases me. We had an oyster roast (yuk, I don't do that but they all do) and had a wonderful time. Loving each other, teasing each other and just laughing all night. It was a "get mom" night, I had to warn them not to make mommy dearest mad!!!!

He surprised his wife (she arrived late from work) with her very own cherry cheesecake and a bottle of blush - for all the hard work she did moving them. Awwwwe! I don't drink but I have to post the picture so you all can see the happy smiles on their faces. She was so surprised and pleased with him and he did it in front of everyone, she was glowing. I thought I got a pic of the big smacker she gave him but, it's not on the SD card, my bad.

My older daughter turned to her poor hubby and said "You never do that for me" Woe! you should have seen him and the hole he was digging to crawl into! We all laughed so hard. Here's the one in the dog house right now.

Here's to special weeks Lord, thank You. I love my children (who are grown) and I think they are learning through their own families that maybe mommy wasn't so bad after all (LOL). When you are the parent, you have to be the bad guy sometimes.

And yes we are country! We feel deeply about the Holy Word of God, the Original Constitution of the United States of America, Military support and family ties.

God bless American and find a way Lord to patch us all back together again, Amen.


  1. It's inexplicable that the love we have for our children grows as they grow. As they get older and more independent our love doesn't diminish. Even with miles of physical separation our love gets bigger and bigger.

    You think God's love for us does the same thing?



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