Monday, November 23, 2009

1 in 6

On a information progam Saturday night I listened to the latest statistics on American homes and foreclosure.

One in every six homes in the US has been foreclosed on or is presently in foreclosure. 1 in 6, those are unimaginable figures. But true ones.

Look around your own neighborhood, your own street and just imagine one out of each of the six homes. The new socialist government was also busted for releasing "inaccurate" figures about the employment rate. There was an apology for errors and the figures will be corrected!

I'm not going to harp on the government in power now, again. I want to tell you about a preacher that was on tv Sunday and I heard his sermon.

He was bringing to light the positive side for people to cling to. "You may not have the home you once did but, you have a home. You may not have a home but you have a tent. You may not be eating steak and ribs but remember, you have soup". He was speaking about lessons from God and how God always provides.

And He does. He was speaking about praise and being grateful, he was pointing out that things could be worse for even those who feel so "without" right now. Place your faith, hope and trust in God no matter how hard it is right now. Keep The faith!

Thanksgiving is here and I want to say thank You Father for:

my meager life style
my meal every day
my health
my family
their love
my old car
my neighbors
for my simple existence that has brought me closer to You
the lessons You managed to get through my hard head this year
and, my growth spiritually this year

Thank You for my salvation and the salvation You offer to every person


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