Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"The Clothes off My Back"

Or my line! My friend R and I were bumfuzzled when all of her laundry was stolen off her line at night while she was asleep.

Herself and her two son's clothes, a clothes thief just quietly walked onto her property and helped his or her self.

What are times coming to? I have an answer for that it's 'desperation' and it's so very sad and painful for me.

I think of people stealing bicycles or tv's and microwaves to pawn for a moment of pleasure with drugs. I think of people robbing banks because of the evil in them or the laziness. But, clothes. The person who did this must be desperate. Desperate to put clothes on their and their children's backs.

No work, no paycheck, no home. Their children must eat and have clothes to wear. I imagine in a moment of desperation without stopping to talk to God and ask for His help they resort to something like this or stealing food from your freezer.

It makes it impossible to hate and be angry at someone for this, it's wrong and I'm not defending it I just believe that it makes a statement about just how hard times are and how desperate some people must be to do such a thing, without regard for her and her children.

They are without God to guide them and send them to what they need. God answers prayer and will not let any of us starve to death or freeze to death in the winter. He will give us a way but only when we come to Him with the desperation and let Him be the answer.

I pray for this person, for a spiritual healing and for their salvation if needed. I pray God sends them the answer and they listen. I pray that they learn to ask.

There are so many now and so many more to come that will feel this desperation and I ask you to join me in praying that these desperate times lead them to Foot of the Cross.

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  1. Lord, this is so sad. That some desperate person would steal clothes from another desperate person. I ask you to provide for R. and her children. They need clothes, too. And for this person who took the clothes. If he/she is in desperate need help him to run to you. If not, if this was just some mean joke or something, Lord. Bring the thief to his knees. Bring the jokester to the point of sorrow for hurting this family.

    Lord, provide R. with Yourself. With all of You that she needs, all of You that she wants, all of You to take care of all of her needs.

    In Jesus' name I ask--with desperation.



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