Monday, November 30, 2009

I Don't Know Where To Begin

Every Thanksgiving dinner is wonderful. This was no different, I ate till I was miserable for at least 12 hours afterward!

This was no different in that I stopped to think of all the things to be grateful for and to praise You for them.

This one was no different in that our family got together and laughed and loved and shared.

It was no different for millions of people except R and R, My loving friends. Oh Lord God the Highest You and You alone stepped into their lives and created a miracle. I wish I could explain here but for privacy reasons I won't. I will just praise You, sing Your love and shout Your name as loud as I can.

They have been given their lives back, their family back, their whole world, by You and only You.

When You finally got through to Reb and she finally understood that You and only You could be in control, when she let go and said God it's in Your hands, I can't go or do any more. You heard her as she poured tears while looking up into the heavens, when she stopped crying and said OK, I know! You stepped in that day, took control and turned everything around.

I will never if I live a million years be able to tell on this site how to do that. I know that with Reb like with me, she had to go as far as she could physically, emotionally and spiritually to let go.

She collapsed and fell back to the wall as she slid down, I let her go Father because I trusted she was falling into Your gentle arms and I knew that You had her.

She knows You Lord and learned something wonderful through this trial, how to let You have the control, how to get out of Your way and witness Your awesome power and magnificence.

Thank You Lord God for the most wonderful Thanksgiving day I ever in my life experienced.


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