Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Haven't been 'here' in a while,

I haven't talked about the precious kids in my neighborhood for a while, let me explain.

Things were going on so well for a while, the kids enjoyed each other, enjoyed Sunday School and having snacks and meals here, we were a joyous little group and blessed for some time.

The kids always did some scrapping amongst their selves like kids do. We were sharing, loving and learning.

There was some time ago, a major incident between the parents which began the division of our little group. One child was not allowed in the presence of another child, and another was not allowed to play with another...and of course the kids began to fight about it and cause problems their selves.

We still have Z, Angel, Jr, Sid, Sarina and Jimmy but they are all not friends with each other. I really hope that the issues with the adults are resolved soon and that said, the kids will be all running around playing together again. I want to let you know that they are all eating well, all still visit me individually and all seem to be healthy.

Thank you for your support and prayers as we were endeavoring to grow our little group. I still want to ask for your prayers that God will resolve this and these children will all be happy, fisty and playing together again, and that the parents will find resolution and a Christian church to go to and take their children.

When you don't choose to have God on your side the devil has a big playground to work in doesn't he?

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