Friday, October 23, 2009

Just thinking again

Some of you may have heard about the little girl, Somer, who was murdered this week in Orange Park Florida. An area that is near (45 miles from) where I live.

A lot has been felt and said and heard about this and what bothers me is what I have been hearing on the net. "If there really is a God He's not much of one, why does He let things like that happen, He's no God of mine"

A lot of conversation insues and follows a comment like that and surprisingly a lot of people agree.

For years we have all wondered why and some time ago maybe, 5 years ago I finally came to terms with the answer to that question/statement in my own heart and mind.

God doesn't allow it, we do. We were created perfect in God's image and our own humanity messed that up. I believe that each baby is born something like a clean slate, not perfect, but something to be molded.

1. We aren't doing a very good job of molding are we?

2. The schools and teachers aren't

3. Communities aren't

4. Neighbors aren't

5. Society as a whole isn't

6. The Judicial system certainly isn't

7. We the People have failed not God

He gave us physical bodies and minds, spiritual hearts and free will, what an amazing blessing when those are used for Him and His will. But that is not what is happening is it?

I use to work in an alternative school here in Florida. I worked with kids who had ADD, ADHD, all of those plus some, with kids with emotional problems I can't begin to explain to you. All kids who couldn't be allowed in public school. We had kids who had been caught with a gun at school, some who were having sex in the school, many different problems. The saddest one to me was a first grader, 6 years old, who had beaten up a teacher brutally. He was angry and came up behind her with a small wooden chair from class and struck her down, she was on the floor with the first blow and then he continued to beat her.

Imagine a 6 year old so angry that he could intentionally do such a thing, what could make a baby that angry! Well it's not rare believe me.

Imagine this child as a teen at 16 then as a man at 26. I saw this child again as a 4th grader and guess where I saw him, back at the alternative school. He has a therapist, a doctor, a psychiatrist and here he is still in this place. The one thing I saw most in common with all these kids were parents who were not involved. Maybe they had lost hope and were worn out and maybe they didn't care to begin with. What is the answer? God in their families lives.

These kids who are not treated correctly by parents, teachers, and the judicial system end up to be the adults we don't want on our streets, they kill, rape, molest, rob and even mutilate. The answer lies in God's Holy Word.

When God gave us His wonderful gift of life and free will He expected better choices from us. If one can not be rehabilitated successfully then there are only two options, they must be imprisoned till death to never enter society again or they must be put to death to never enter society again.

It has been proven over and over again that child sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated so, they should never be allowed on the streets again. In doing so as our system allows, we allow child after child to be raped and murdered by repeat offenders, we do, not God.

There aren't enough prisons well, that alone tells you that they cannot be rehabilitated and often I believe if the punishment was much more severe some will make the choice to never commit again for many crimes. I heard a woman on TV the other night who said she believes instead of giving criminals time off for good behavior we should stop that and give them added time for bad behavior. Woo-hoo, I couldn't agree more. Our system is badly broken and yep, it's "our" system not Gods, His is "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" I personally am so sick of hearing about "humane treatment" for criminals, what about the inhumane treatment of their victims!

You can get life in prison for an armed robbery without hurting anyone and serve only 3 of a 7 year sentence for rape and be released. Does anyone else see the insanity in that?

This child's death has been national news because of the horrific crime that was committed so easily. She was alone and out of sight for only minutes and was taken. Murdered and dumped into a dumpster and her tiny precious little body found in filthy landfill where the garbage was dumped. This was not a first time offender you can be sure of that.

I got on the net and looked at my own neighborhood,

There are over 100 known registered sex offenders and what makes me so terribly angry is that at least 50 of them are "child sex offenders" on the street, living in my area within a 5 mile radius. There are 4 schools that I can name, more I'm sure, families everywhere, children playing in their neighborhoods as if they were safe, walking to and from school.

I DO NOT like Nancy Grace but I agree with her about this battle, we need to get the silly crimes people removed from the lists and have the true sex offenders in prison. The jails and prisons are filled with people like a 19 yo who had sex with a 17 year old - they should be out and that cell should be occupied by a real criminal. Clean it up, if someone is serving time for just smoking marijuana that cell too should be filled with a hard criminal, a child sex offender. There isn't enough money in the system because billions each year is wasted on the petty criminal that should rehabilitated and helped while hard criminals walk the street, this is our system not God's and we have to fix it.

Don't misunderstand I don't approve of the 19year old or the marijuana but really, if we were allowed to choose which was incarcerated, wouldn't you choose the child sex offender was there?

God didn't create this mess man did and man needs to stop right now and fix it, we need to save the children.

Yes there is a God, one true God who cares and is waiting on us, don't you think?

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  1. You've stated it well, Miawa. It's OUR system that is broken. It's OUR world that is broken. Only with God's help, God's wisdom, God's salvation can we fix it.



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