Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello, anybody there? Hello

I apologies right off the bat here because this is long but please, fix a cup of coffee and bare with me, let me ramble and let-go on you.

With our new socialist Government in play many changes will come about. We must stop sitting back saying "the end is near" it's too late. Please understand that the changes we make or allow will affect not just you and your neighbor but your children and grandchildren who will be left with all of this when we are gone on to Glory.

Ever thing the Bible says will come to pass but that doesn't mean stop, lay down and take it, it does mean it's time to protect what we still have. To protect your families because of the happenings, to work harder than ever before because Salvation is so important.

I am going to talk about spending and stopping certain things that will only hasten or waste. The coming of Christ again is the most glorious event that will ever happen to those of us who are saved. There is much work to be done in preparation for those who will be left behind.

One world Government, one world currency and now one world shopping which will hasten these events I believe. Yes Walmart. Bare with me!
Walmart has played a big part in putting millions of people out of work, millions. The few they hire in a new store doesn't compare to the numbers of employees out of work when the total of all mom and pop and large chain store businesses must close the door. This means millions more now need public assistance and must depend on the government (socialism) it is playing a big role in what is happening today.

Walmart today on 10/18/2009 has entered yet another market, they now have their own prepay cell phone service - doesn't sound so bad does it? As Walmart has the monopoly now on clothes, sporting goods, groceries, auto repair, gasoline, toys, housewares, baby items, electronics, shoes and just on and on - we have as you know, put many small businesses out of business by doing all of our shopping there. Now the phone market, Page Plus, Airvoice, Cingular, etc. will be hurting again because they will loose many customers. Those of us who have contracts can look for a "hit" within the next year also to compensate their budgets. When does it stop?

I know that our personal budgets suffer and people feel a real need to shop at Walmart. But there are other choices. Have you ever shopped Bealls, Marshalls, Ross?

I go to my local Winn-Dixie, once a month they have a meat sale it's buy one get one free. I purchase $60 worth of meat and receive $120 worth of meat which is more than enough for a month, it's a lot.

Winn-Dixie and Publix still have buy one get one free weeks for can goods or package items. I shop those and when I come home I put one set in the grocery cabinet for this month and the second free set I put in the pantry (closet, LOL) for the next month. I save a lot.

And to store that meat I needed a freezer, I did what I do and shopped thrift stores. At the Goodwill I found the perfect small freezer (works great) has a few scars for $30, you won't get that deal at Walmart.

I know someone who needed a heater, an area heater. I found a great one at "the pound store" (thrift shop). A quartz (energy efficient) cord and plug is in great shape, no scars, and everything works perfectly. $3.50 yep, three dollars and fifty cents. You won't get that deal at Walmart.

At the Salvation Army I found two great blouses, new - tags still on them and fit me perfectly. $1.00 a piece on half price day.

I buy my jeans and other shirts from thrift stores also at great prices.

I wanted a trim to go around my little garden bed, I looked at Big Lots, $8.00 and after a few trips to the thrift stores (which I make anyway) I found two that someone had let go of for $2.00. You won't find that in Walmart either.

One more great find, I wanted a bread maker - new prices were outrageous. I found in the Salvation Army one that is like brand new, clean, unscarred just in perfect condition for ta-da-ta-da! $3.80 oh yeah!

Going to thrift and bargain stores is not as difficult as some think, I've heard people say "I'm not running all over town", well of course not you would spend what you save in gasoline wouldn't you? I've become a regular thrift store shopper, these are all places in my neighborhood and once a week I drop in and check what they have, it's that simple. You won't spend any more gas than running to Walmart 1-3 times a week.
I find great books to read, movies, music, computer parts, cords for anything and everything, heck my monitor died they were $200 and up. I got one at the thrift store for $1.00 on half price day
Stop having to run by Walmart on the way home to grab something - plan ahead. I shop monthly groceries at the best deal place and weekly drop in to the thrift stores, the specialty shops like Beals and Marshalls just keep up with the ads. You do not need to shop Walmart.
So they give a lot of money to the community, have you ever thought about it - it's your money out of your pocket book. They make in the billions each quarter, billions!
And I saved the best for last, if you go to Walmart website you find their newest project. They have discovered that they can cover even more of the market by larger stores. Yep the Super Walmart's aren't big enough any more. They are now building multi level stores - Yeaaa!
The Home Depots and other large and small Hardware stores that are still in existence are about to be finished off, Walmart will be adding a complete hardware dept. to their new multi level stores that will have everything you need. How Sad to me!
STOP SHOPPING WALMART, I PROMISE YOU DON'T NEED TO. You need to shop in your community stores and keep your friends and neighbors in a job.
Thanks for listening, God bless you.


  1. I am guilty of shopping at Walmart but I don't do it as often as I used to. I've been on a bit of a spending freeze. I Love thrift stores though, and for groceries, well I work in a grocery store so I try to get most of what I need there. It's always best to support local retailers rather than the big guys such as Walmart.

  2. Support local retailers. I've been thinking a lot about that lately. Supporting those small businesses that were once the foundation of our economy. It costs us more, yes. But, like you said, we're giving back to our own neighbors.

    And, don't forget about the sales taxes we pay. Part of that money goes to the county where you shop.

    I love thrift stores and yard sales! My boss once told me I could squeeze more out of a dollar than anyone he'd ever met. I said, "Thank you! I'll take that as a compliment!"

    I need to talk to my d-h about Wal-Mart, etc. I think we need to make some changes in our shopping habits, too.

    Thanks for the eye-opener.



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