Friday, October 16, 2009

The Health Care Reform Programs

All are wrong, all are unacceptable - no matter how they spin it.


The facts that the Federal Government will be in complete control of treatments and who is treated and even bigger, that they will collect premiums and control more of your money beyond taxes, auto companies, banks, Social Security and your paycheck, is not acceptable under capitalism. Not!

They can change the rules, change the exceptions, change whatever they want to in the over 900 page outline but the above mentioned will be maintained and again I say unacceptable.

There is no Government Health care Reform Program that is going to be to your and your neighbors benefit. More Medicaid programs, more welfare, more food stamps and more Government housing is their only goal - to have you under their foot where they need you to be.

This new Socialist Government has made NO change that has or will benefit the people, only the Government and that will not change under Obama the head Socialist and Hilary Clinton the biggest fascist to ever be in United States Government.

What you see, is what you get. That's it folks, just bigger Government and a smaller you!

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  1. Lord, time is in Your hands. Our lives are in your hands. This nation is in your hands, too. Lord, be lifted up & glorified in the events that unfolding before us. Lord, bring us to our knees before Your throne--whatever it takes.


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