Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My neighbor came through his surgery with flying colors as a matter of fact, they did a triple instead of quad when they got in there, thank You Lord for being there and taking care of him, Amen.

You are everywhere Father at all times, I don't know how You do it, I can't imagine. But You don't expect me to do you?

I love this song (hope I get the words right)

Your Grace still amazes me
Your Love still a mystery
Each day I fall on my knees
Your Grace still amazes me

If you ever stop feeling amazed every day at something God has done, it's time to check yourself, we should be looking and feeling everyday. We don't always, so stop and fix that with prayer and an open heart.

Be amazed every day, keep your heart open for it!


  1. Be amazed every day.

    Oh, sometimes I get so busy doing things for God I forget to stop, meditate, and be amazed at the things He is doing.

    Thank you, Miawa, for the reminder.

    Be amazed -- every day.


  2. So glad to hear your neighbor made it through the surgery ok. Good news


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