Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wheel Chair Parking Spaces

Those aggravating wheel chair parking places! It really irritates me when I see healthy appearing people get out of a car and in a very stable manor walk to the door without any difficulty at all, and then walk all over the store with no problems. It seems if you get elderly and ask your doctor you can have a wheel chair sticker for the price of a doctor appointment.

That's bad enough but today at the store I saw a young woman pull into a posted parking place (with no sticker) while 4 very healthy roudy kids and teens jumped out and ran playing, into the store. She sat there in this space while they shopped, I imagine so she could move the car if she absolutely had to, if she was caught.

Another row over and away from the front door a small, older car pulled in and parked. This middle age woman got out and went to the trunk. She proceeded to drag out a wheel chair then pushed it to the side of the car and stabilized the brakes. She then with all the strength she had helped a very tall around 6 foot, very young man out. A boy with a helmet on his head and obviously no control over any of his limbs or head.

She went to the trunk again and pulled out the arm rests and attached, the leg rests and attached, velcroing his limbs to the braces and then a tray for him to lean on and of course a safety belt. She worked so hard at all of this and while she would still have had to work, she had the right to have the sticker and should have had the parking space at the door which also would have given her more room to handle all of this going on as the wheel chair spaces are much wider.

The woman wrongly parked in the wheel chair space just sat there, looking at her neighbor as if it didn't matter. She apparently felt no remorse at all.

Times have changed, we all know that people are more often rude or inconsiderate or self centered than 30 years ago. But this woman appeared to be all rolled into one.

People try to run over you on the highway, they don't move over and give you room on a sidewalk, they break in lines at the stores after running over you in the isles. But this woman today really got to me.

I can't do anything about her but I can about me, I'm adding to my official "list" of things to do to make sure I think everyday, I pause, and put forth effort to be considerate. I don't want to even accidentally be like so many people of today are. I'm going to put forth a real effort I'm going to make a difference, yeah me!.


  1. YOu go, girl! That's the only way plain, ordinary me CAN make a difference, isn't it? One person at a time.

    I cannot do it all--but I CAN do something.
    I cannot help everyone--but I CAN help someone.
    I cannot change the world--but I CAN change myself.


  2. Good for you. That one always gets to me too. What makes them think they deserve that spot that is reserved for people with handicaps. Good old fashioned common courtesy just isn't so common any more.


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