Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Today was wonderful, my son and younger daughter and families were here. We cooked out a pork roast on the grill (fell apart in your mouth) with the usual, potato salad which is a must in my family, stir fry vegies, hot rolls, baked beans ooh! I feel like I just ate another helping while only talking about it.

Labor day is a wonderful day, a reason to get together but it's truly a day in celebration of the "all American working man", the backbone of our country. The laborers that have produced the products on sweaty long assembly lines and plowed the fields to make our existence possible.

Thank You God for the life You have handed us, show us our way back and bring us to the very substance of our beginning. Using what You gave us, for food, clothing, medicines and all our needs that You Father provided.

Take us out of the sky-scrapers and the Walmarts and show us Your way again. A way to provide and teach and build from the very earth You handed us. A way of caring and sharing, trading and socializing again. Teach us to network amongst ourselves and provide for each other, building communities again.



  1. your picnic sounds yummy, got left overs? :)

  2. Amen! How eloquently you've said it, Miawa. Help us, Lord, to build communites again.



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