Friday, September 4, 2009

The Sisters Again

Three of us four sisters had our regular monthly luncheon, it was pretty much the norm and we had a great time as always. And as usual, some poor unsuspecting stranger (usually a server) is suckered into taking a picture for us.

Myself, CC and Ju went to a Chinese buffet today at my request, I love Chinese food. I ate some of just about everything and then finished it off with a chocolate brownie topped with chocolate ice cream YUM! We chatted about our families a little and just cut loose with the wise cracks and humor, it's so much fun when we get together. As usual we talked about all our ailments and drugs also, that seems to go along with the years we have accumulated (LOL).

We went to a new thrift store in the area called a "pound shop", none of us had ever been to one. It's a thrift store but everything is just out there, you pick through and pay for your goods by the pound. We each headed in our own directions and began rummaging and plowing through all the goods. Constantly yelling out "hey CC, what did you find?" or "did you find anything yet?" from Judy and "I got one, is this what you wanted, come here" from me.

I suggested we plan a special Christmas shopping day luncheon and both were excited until I suggested we could wear silly red holiday hats and they stopped me dead in my tracks with a great big duo "NO, you lost us on the hats". Oh well, we will have fun anyway.

I want to thank You Lord for these get-together's and thank You that we are still together, we miss our other sister Jean being here and really am looking forward to a lunch when she is here visiting and it can be us four. Thank You Father Amen

I included a picture and want to encourage each of you to reach out and plan get-together's with your siblings - stay in touch and learn to enjoy each other, it's part of loving each other and it's just great! Go a little out of your way, put something else aside, whatever, just plan on it and love each other.

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