Wednesday, September 2, 2009

When the Love isn't there

Sunday at service our Pastor was speaking about when Solomon was made king. He meandered through a number of subjects and one in particular made me sit up and pay attention. (that says something about me doesn't it?)

The word 'fool'. I think of that as someone who is nutty, zany, making not intelligent choices, all kind of things. But he said that a fool is simply "someone who doesn't love God". Huh!

I thought to myself, "self " I said, "that's a whole lot of people". And I began to think of a list of fools I know.

Some of these are neighbors, friends and family. Now, if I got this right that's not just people who don't know the Lord it's people who don't love the Lord, is it possible to know Him and not love Him every day, based on my past failures and wanderings I say yes it is possible.

I know a number of people who have been introduced to God, who met His Son many years ago and have now followed the beckoning call to the worldly ways (that would have to include me for many years), people who's life style has separated them not from salvation, but from the daily do's and dont's that reflect where your relationship with God is or should I say what condition it is in.

I remember when I was being bumped on the noggin by God, and how my sister Jean spent an uncountable number of hours=days=weeks=years praying for me and how knowing that really made a difference in the strength I needed to make that change happen in my life. The change where I opened up and allowed God to teach me, accepting whatever He had to hand me, surviving it all and knowing that "somebody was praying for me".

God is telling me "OK, it's your turn" you learned that tiny step and now you use what you learned.

I am making a prayer list for all the people in the middle, I think to pray for the sick, burdened, the unsaved, the helpless and the feeble. I haven't thought to pray specifically about those who don't fall into the unsaved or ill category. The ones I know who met You Father and know Your Son but have not stayed in the fold. I'm going to make a real list so I can bring those names to You Father and ask for an "awakening" for those people and I'm going to ask You to be as gentle as they will let You be, or as firm as they make You be, but bring them back to You.

And I am going to ask you Father to trust me and give me the opportunities to be used by You in those peoples lives. Show me when to get out of the way for someone else You are sending. Make me be ready and any given moment, listening all the time to You, to say the right thing. Place me where I need to be, spiritually and physically to be of use to You in helping these people who's name I can bring to You. Teach me Lord about commitment, I lack so much there. This is sort of a kill two birds with one stone package!

I'm asking a lot of You to trust a worm like me, but make me ready Father, give me the opportunity, keep me on my knees, stand close beside me, stop me if I go the wrong way with my big mouth, let my words be Your words for these people. Send me!

Send the right person even if it's not me, start the change, teaching those tiny steps to others who need You in their life, fool's who need to love You ever day of their lives.



  1. I'm amazed at how God works. Most days the prayers you write here are exactly what I need to hear. He uses your words to shake my shoulders and slap me in the face much more often than you know, little sister.

    Thank you for being an obedient and willing servant.


  2. Thank you Jean for being all that you are and that's a lot!


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