Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today is my anniversary on eblogger. One year to the day.

I thought I would go back and see where my journey here began.

It doesn't feel like a year and sometimes it even feels like I'm writing for nothing, sometimes it feels like I am speaking to the world!

I've learned because of writing this blog that it doesn't matter what I am feeling or thinking if I don't pray for help writing it, if I don't say each and every time "Lord use me today, put Your words here on this blog as I write not mine, and send the one person or the many that needs to hear what You are saying today"

I have jumped on and written something trying to make that silly deadline I set for myself, you know the "I'll post Mon, Wed and Fri" and the words don't come sometimes, or I will write them out jotting (so to speak) and the feeling of God's presence isn't there so I delete it. I use to feel like I was failing and there came that ole guilt again, but God has taught me that, first- It must be His words - not mine, second- I must always be in prayer when I write for it to be His words not mine and third- it's not ever about "me". Maybe today isn't the day He has something to say through me but through someone else.

Nope, it's not all about me and thank You Father for making that very clear to me by allowing me this blog where which I could learn, more tiny steps. You have used this blog site to use me AND TO TEACH ME.

I began because I was learning as I go and wanted to share the difficulties and decisions and pain that we go through, that we are not exempt from because we turn it over to God. I wanted God to use me for others who go through the same doubt, fear and traumas of every day earthly life learning that God uses those things to "reach us and teach us".

I still believe that the consequences put on us are a result of the choices we make, they are not punishment from God, He just waits on us to mess up, knowing we are going to and is ready to use that and mold us with it. It's all about "opportunity" and God is always ready and there, never failing us.

I say, don't be regretful for the choices, be ready! Listen, learn and go on. Just check that one off your little list and move to the next and, better choice you will make when you let God make that choice with you.

That is what this blog is all about and I pray that God has been able to use me to help even one person as they take their "Tiny Steps" of growth with God.

And Hallelujah I'm still here God and ready to go to work! Turn me, mold me, flip me all around and make me come out just right! Teach me to fill someone else's need by way of You.

I love you Lord You are my Savior, my Redeemer, my King and my All. My God of Second Chances, You are the Writer and Eraser of our lives, You are ALL.



  1. Happy Anniversary to you my friend.

  2. A whole year of baby steps. I've seen you grow so much during that time. This blog/journal is a wonderful record of that growth. It's sort of your "baby book" that you and your Father can sit and share and enjoy watching you grow.

    Change takes time. You know, the gift of time is the only unilaterally "fair" thing we have. We all get 24 hours every day and 7 days every week and 52 weeks every year. It's what we do during that time that redeems it or wastes it.

    Love you,


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