Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh! That I would

I think this picture I took of moss hanging from an oak in my yard is beautiful, every time I look at it I begin to relax, it's graceful and calming.

I have always loved hanging moss, just love to look at it so I decided to do a little bit of research and find out all the important things about this plant, that is so beautiful to look at.

First there are over 12,000 different species of moss, that was a shocker for me and as I looked at some photos on the net I saw beautiful colors and various growth patterns with a cascade of different areas that all of these different plants need to attach their selves to. They have no roots or limbs as we think a plant should so they need exactly the right conditions for growth.

All other plants have two sets of chromosomes but moss has only one. Mosses have no flowers or seeds so how do they reproduce? They have spores and during the spore season for these beauties they rain millions of tiny, tiny live spores which the wind catches and scatters all over the earth.

Like the tiny little sea turtle very few survive, most do not find their way to the right environment, temperature, lighting and object to which they can attach and grow, so many are lost.

We rake them up, tear them from the trees, pull them out of the bushes to sell or to clean our lawns. But, like everything God creates they have a purpose. They sover the limbs taking care of the tree, they hide small creatures that can't defend their selves, fall to the ground and cover the grass, flowers and bushes to protect them from the winter cold and the summer heat. We destroy them and stop reproduction of the 'blanket' God created for his garden.

Yes they are a 'blanket' as well as they are beautiful and amazing. Man just can't leave it alone can "we"? They dangle gracefully, they glimmer with dew and rain drops, they dance in the wind and their silence is beautiful in itself.

Oh that I was so graceful, glimmering and silently musical and artistic - that I would serve such a purpose for God, that I would allow myself that, instead of struggling with God's plan. That I would be a blanket to shelter and protect others, that I would silently and gently be so free to follow God's plan, that I would!


  1. That is a great picture and I didn't realize all that about moss. thanks for sharing

  2. what a beautiful lesson, Miawa. If only we could stop doing and be content to just BE what God created us to be.

    Love you,


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