Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Use Me Oh Lord

I have spent most of my life wandering, I have wasted so many years that God had blessed me with by not serving Him.

I have a great desire to change that in my life, without looking back with dread and without wasting more time wallowing in the past mistakes.

The last 6 years has been a format for my going through all the stages of guilt, dread, crying and "waking up" to God's call.

I am asking God to use me, to have me serve His purpose by sharing and receiving.

I have been through so many lessons and have found God in so many places and people just by asking Him for that.

Please reach out with me, look to tomorrow not past mistakes and sins, GO FORWARD with me.


  1. What a gorgeous site. I'm with you, Little Sister.

    Can I add your link to my blog?


  2. Your site is inspiring, and I will be back and back again. Like you, and like all of us here on this earth when you think about it, I have made many mistakes and try not to look back but look forward. It's a constant battle with my mind. But I use my heart, as God is in my heart and he leads me. It's wonderful.


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