Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Arbor House

In Gainesville there is a group called Arbor House, Inc. A Christian group that is 90% supported by the community and it's churches. They reach out to expectant and single mothers with God's Word. Unlike most this one is a three year program where which they provide housing, training in family and parenting, daycare, degree programs and medical assistance and the whole package.

They offer all of this and more including adoption opportunities. They offer everything except abortion. "Breaking the cycle of poverty two at a time".

These young ladies help choose the parents for their child and are involved with their family unit it makes handing the baby over so much easier and more satisfying when adoption is the choice. And each writes a letter "This is your birth mom........which the adoptive parents save for the child in future years.

This past Sunday, some of the women visited our church and gave testimony, it was such a blessing to hear these young women and how they have been reached and saved and made some of the most difficult choices they will ever tackle, just a tremendous blessing.

I spoke with one after church and told her how grateful I was that she listened to God and chose adoption not abortion, how grateful I was that Arbor House was there.

I know there probably is a Christian organization in your community that helps these women beyond just making the decision, by supporting them in the time past having the baby, reaching out and making it possible for them to make a life for their self and the child they decide to keep. Find out, offer some kind of help.

They need money and even the simplest of help like paper towels, diapers, rides, plastic wrap and rice. There is a way for each of us to contribute beyond just talking them into making the right decision and keeping the baby. They have to help learning to raise the child and be self sufficient, we are their help.

I learned a lot Sunday, so they make the right choice and choose life - then what? That's when they need us.

Go beyond hoping and praying they don't abort their child, make it possible for them to keep the child or find help with adoption.

(supplying household cleaners, wipy dypes, light bulbs, laundry detergent, batteries, craft supplies, they make crafts and sell them, small things we surely all can do)

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  1. We have the H.E.L.P. Crisis Pregnancy Center here. "Helphing Every Little Person." Soooo many ways to be involved with women and girls in a time of huge crisis in their lives.

    You're right. We can all DO something-small or large--other than just complain. We can reach out and love every little mother, every little baby.

    Now, let's do it!


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