Friday, July 10, 2009

Your Good Ole Support Team!

If you were running a track race you would need:

time piece
helping hand/a drink along the way
a scheduler - STOP! this is one of my obsessions, OK! a scheduler also.
And certainly a coach

Life is a race, and we need to run it the same way.

Winning is eternity in heaven the way I see it but, all those years before then need to be managed and since we are born a blank slate more or less, how we are trained is of the utmost importance.

I think the 'trainer' would be our parents, right? They show us the way, giving us rules and instruction, a very important job in the part of a child's life.

'Education', that comes from a lot of places. We have school where God should be presented to us daily, we have Church where God should be presented to us each time we meet, we have friends who should be involved with God also. These are all choices that should be made by our 'trainers' as we are developing our technique and style.

A 'doctor', our healer - The Lord God Almighty who offers us Salvation by way of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The true spiritual healing, no matter what happens to this body.

The 'time piece', a stop watch in a race but in life it is the time God has granted us here on this earth to learn, love and share about Him. To offer others His way and we need to use every minute for Him.

A 'dietician' would see that the person training was being fed correctly every day, in order for his/her body to sustain itself during all of this activity of training and racing. God feeds us daily also, with His Holy Word. That's the diet we need as Christians and as the children we are training to be Christians and lead a Christ like life.

We certainly would need someone to be standing there handing us 'a drink along the way' when we are exhausted, burned out and thinking about quitting. Nope God gives us all a friendly hand from someone. You have to be willing to reach out and let them take yours and keep you going because the race isn't all good is it? God will provide someone to be there for you.

A 'SCHEDULER' this is not a word I like but, it's true. If we ran a-muck without guidance we would never find our way. Church every Sunday or we would never end up meeting at the same time, work day schedules or how would we provide for our families and fill our employers needs? We need family time, self time, God's time, prayer time. Pretty routine and boring sometimes but what if we didn't follow any schedule? How much would we accomplish?

And our 'Coach' God Himself, He picks us up when we fall, He sends us His best team mates (the Holy Spirit and His Son), He provided a lesson book for us, the Holy Bible and He will never give up on us or desert us. When we turn to Him, it will always be a big "Go Team Go" not judgement or criticism. Just an "OK get up and start again" I love it when I feel Him say that to me, after all I'm only human and God put me in this race for some reason!

That stop watch is going to go "click" eventually. Are you ready?

Someone said to me recently, we were disussing how serious things are in the United States with our new Government, "It looks like a lot of terrible things might happen now, in my time here. I asked God why now, why during my life and my families life?"

Why not? He has shielded you with salvation, he has handed you His armour - His Word, He has prepared you with your strengths and your will to survive and to protect others. He has given you the knowledge and heart to make the right choices, He gave you the strength you will need in your body and your mind and your heart. He handed you a wonderful support team, a loving Christian wife, Christian friends and a Christian mother who loves you dearly.

A lot of things you may not yet appreciate right now in your life have brought you to this place, made you this person, Why not?

...and my question was "have we prepared our children?"

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.


  1. Thomas Paine (in 1776) said, "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my chld may have peace."

    Why not us? I agree. I believe God may be handing us the opportunity to live like, suffer like, grow like, the other 90% of Christians around the world have been living for ages.



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