Sunday, July 12, 2009


Two of my sisters, (minus Jean again) me and mom had our lunch day for June. We had a great time, ate at Subway yum, yum! And then we hit the thrift stores looking for great treasures (junk).

It was a little different because mom was with us and she usually isn't but it was still a real blessing.

We love our day a month together as each time we choose a different place to play and we rotate who pays. I think we need matching hats, something large and ridiculous - a statement about ourselves that shouts "we can just because we want to".

One of my big sisters, Jean said to me once "isn't it nice to be old enough to like yourself" and it is. That says so much about letting go of the expectations of perfection we are strangled by as we grow. Like beautiful vines in a garden that grow so rapidly and fill the area with gorgeous green leaves - they will strangle out everything else that lives there.

We as girls and women are strangled by the expectations of others as to what we should be, look like, how we dress, how we perform as wives and mothers, men's sexual expectations and oh my goodness! The list goes on.

She's right "Isn't it nice to be old enough to like ourselves" I love that, it's relaxing and fulfilling just to say it.

Thank You Lord for Big Sisters!


  1. Your monthly lunch days sound like great fun. I think the big hat idea sounds like a plan.

  2. Thanks Annie I'm all about "goofy"


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