Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Lady on the Corner

I was working a little job where which I would stand on a street corner and hold a sign, yeah, that was real exciting.

But as I have written before I finally gave that time (2 hrs) a day to God and spent the 2 hours as my alone time with Him praying for everyone and singing spiritual songs to myself and even making up a few - no I'm not a song writer, and believe me, I can't even sing. I learned quickly to love that time and enjoy it.

As I was singing my songs, praying and waving to everyone (it's in the job description) I didn't realize that others could see God in me. I prayed for it each time but I didn't know.

Two weeks ago a lady stopped at my corner on her bicycle and starting talking to me, she was talking about how nice it was to see me talking to God every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She knew because my hands were in the air and apparently my mouth was moving and, because she saw Christ in my smile, EXACTLY WHAT I PRAYED FOR.

How wonderful God is not only to make that happen and be in control of it but to give me the gift of having this woman tell me, I knew that God had truly reached out and touched this woman through me. I've had other nice people stop and give me a bottle of ice cold water they picked up just to drop off to me, how sweet. I had a lot of people, regulars, waving and smiling and blowing their horns. I knew they saw me but, through this woman I knew that they also saw God in me. Yep, pretty wonderful of Him to let me know through her, the lady that stopped at my corner just before the job ended. God definitely sent her to me.

I love it so much when God can use worthless ole me, makes me feel touched.

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  1. Yeah. It's a wonderful feeling to have God send you word through someone else that He is, indeed, shining through you.

    It's both humbling and exhilarating to find out that you are actually becoming "just a little smoother in His hand."



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