Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thank You

Thank you Jean, I love you, you are not just a wonderful sister but a wonderful person and teacher.

Jean has shared with me the "One lovely blog" award and I want to say the same thing to others.
Annie at Annie makes beautiful scrapbook kits and shares them free with the world. And to quote Annie "God is allowed on this site"
And to Ms Wondywoman as I call her. To many sites to list, Michelle herself is bed ridden much of the time with Lupus and several immune deficiency diseases but never fails to mention God's power in her life. She is my "twitter" buddy.
And to Cathy at who spends her life making sick children smile.
My sister Jean RIGHT BACK AT YA! who is creative, accomplished, responsible and loving. What a combination for God to use! What a blessing for others.
And to Dixie I don't blog there often but I read and enjoy every precious word written. It is a blessing to visit this site.
God bless you all for saying His name and spreading It while sharing joy and comfort to others.

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  1. We have a mutual admiration society, don't we!

    Thank you God, for friends who are sisters and sisters who are friends.



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