Friday, May 15, 2009

Here we go again

Z is starting new classes next week, History, Language Arts and Pre-Algebra so here we go again.

Lord I need to be more understanding, persistent with patience and stronger!

This is a child who will find every short cut available, sneak past anything he can and do only what is required - and has to be forced to do that.

I'm not looking forward to this but I asked for it. You gave it to me and I have to stand up to my responsibilities here, that said, "I'm not looking forward to this!"

Z has never fit the mold for the "stereotypical student profile" and obviously never will. Any way I can get an education pounded into him I will. Right now that choice is Virtual School. It really is a wonderful program. For students who need to work at their own pace (outside the typical) be that faster or slower it's an ideal opportunity. For students who want to excel it's again a wonderful opportunity, and the student like Z who doesn't fit in public school.

Many parents are choosing Virtual school and home school, many Christian parents who see that the public school system has degraded to a very low standard expected of the student and the teacher. Christian parents who want their children separated from the socially acceptable terms accepted by the public school system and Christian Parents who want their children to learn that prayer and God have a definite roll in the upbringing of their children including education.

Z is difficult no matter what school he attends but honestly for a student who is willing to excel and the parents who want their child far removed from the degrading system in place now, Virtual School is an awesome choice.

The child moves at his/her own pace, the teachers are in touch constantly with email and the phone. They get all the help they ask for, The material is supplied or a reference is, They may work at any time during day or night that is best suited to their personality or job needs. And the child is far removed from the classroom and teachers and curriculum required in public school. There is no fee to the parent in Florida. They have occasional virtual classrooms where the student is in class live with the teacher and other classmates.

And so far each teacher Z has had, has declared to me that they love God and are not shy to mention that Christ is a part of their life, I so much appreciate that Lord.

Thank You Jesus for handing this opportunity to us and I pray other Christians will take advantage of this option-out of what is happening in the classroom today. Out of the violence and bad behavior influence of so many young people today, the teacher's who don't care and the government that seems to be determined to take God out of our school. AMEN


  1. Technology gives us so many wonderful opportunities, doesn't it? And just WHO put technology in the hearts and minds of all those "techies" out there?

    Yes. The Lord. God the Creator. God who sets imagination and skill and intelligence and even desire into our hearts and minds.

    He is the God of technology, too.


  2. Good luck to both you and Z with the classes. I am so glad that I no longer have children in school. My sons last year in school was a constant battle


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