Friday, May 29, 2009

So the real estate market is up 3%

Yea! says Obama, we are on the road back...and if you believe that I have a beautiful tropical island in the middle of the Sahara to sell you!

Yes there were more sales in the month of May but not to the people, not to John Q Public. The purchase increase was due to all the real estate mongers who are buying all your property that you have been forced out of.

The fact is more people, families have lost even more which means more is out there for sale at the rock bottom prices in order to be unloaded therefore, more organizations (including the Federal Government itself) are out there buying it. Yep, Yeah!!!

We have been so blindsided because we the people were so ready for that magic word "change".

Change will come from above, in one form or the other. We have a lot of changing to do in ourselves and united as "we the people one nation under God".

Well, guess we better get started! Don't you think?

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  1. Yes I absolutely do think so. Great post.


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