Friday, June 5, 2009

Dieting (spiritually)

My mom is here with me, she arrived Tuesday.

She claims she is here to stay and we will just see about that! She changes her mind every 3 months about EVERYTHING! (LOL)

I finally got her settled in, with a small room, a bar size refrigerator, a floor lamp and an air conditioner. She spent all day cleaning and enjoying herself. Well minus the time we spent in Wal-mart where which I lost her twice and spent all my time there searching for her!!!

I got her favorite treats some cottage cheese with fruits (yuk!), some "fruit in the bottom" blueberry yogurts and a strawberry low fat milk. She tucked them away in her little fridge with a couple of TV dinners I picked up also and is happy as a little lark.

I'll get her back on her healthy diet and she will be feeling better in no time. The diet makes all the difference in the world in her health and attitude, it's amazing.

Our spiritual diet makes all the difference in the world in us also - a big dose of scripture daily, lavished with deep prayer and cultured over time leads us, teaches us, encourages our spiritual growth and makes us more usable by God.

Sit down and plan a healthy spiritual "diet" and stick to it, our spirit needs the same care our body does.

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  1. As I read this I'm eating my oatbran with skim milk. Yes, diet makes all the difference in how I feel and how my body functions.

    Sometimes I think it would be great if I could live on chocolate and ice cream, but I know that just isn't going to happen. I have to eat what is good for me, and eventually, I learn to like it.

    Thank you, Lord, for this reminder from Miawa to take my spiritual diet as seriously as I do my physical one. Show me what to eat today, Lord.



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