Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gee are things becoming simpler?

I have been looking for a gas powered weed eater engine to put on my bicycle like a couple of hundred thousand other people. I love riding but as I am now approaching my sixties it becomes increasingly more difficult and painful to ride.

I am seeing more and more around town and recently saw on the news that hundreds of thousands of others are doing the same, why? You get roughly 100 miles to the gallon and you have the mobility you need to go to work, play, stores etc.

The government keeps harping about the number of vehicles as well as the size and the pollution that is created - they want it stopped. Yet they are begging the public to buy vehicles and help the economy. Pouring good money after bad!

I heard on the news today that GM is filing bankruptcy to be able to "restructure" because they are 80 billion dollars in debt that they can't recover from. This keep in mind is following the how many billions that the government has already handed them. When they restructure the government will actually own some (?) 50% of the GM company. That is exactly what this new government wants - socialism. The government intends to have their hands in every one's pocket.

I have seen where more and more companies are restructuring on their own to try and survive. They are unfortunately letting employees go but also are trying other things like a lot of them are closing earlier, opening later - shortening their hours. That to me is a good thing. People getting home sooner, traffic being sifted into different time frames and families having more time together.

I have noticed so much downsizing and things like porch gardens as well as in some yards. People are growing food!

We all lived off the fat of the land and now I believe God is saying - OK, I'm going to put a stop to this. You will learn to feed yourselves, to go back to the land I gave you, you will spend more time with your families, you will live in reasonably sized homes that fill your needs only. You will own vehicles that fit necessity not luxury and if you have to you will find transportation otherwise.

I think God is tired of us wasting the plenty that He handed to us, of us being self centered, and us forgetting or purposely not giving Him the credit. I think He has had enough.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head, sis. Do you think we have it in us to live on bare necessities? Do you think we spoiled American consumers can live on faith and prayer?

    We might just find out pretty soon.



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