Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prayer and Praise

While praying for our nation and asking for God to save us from the disaster we have created I thought I also should stop and praise the positives that I am grateful for.

As a nation Lord, we need to draw closer to you as Christians and stronger as a group united in order to see that things get done Your way and I am grateful Father that we can publicly be Christians in this nation.

As a nation our leader is following the path of condoning and supporting abortion and gay marriages and a plan to deplete our military, Father I ask that you turn his heart to deny those things, and I am grateful that he is a strong leader with followers so when You turn him Lord many will follow.

As a nation we are leaning hard toward socialism, a plan for government and people that does not allow for individuality in all aspects, please wake all up Lord to follow Your path. And thank You for the few who stand strong and loud to guide us in Your way and multiply their strength and protection, cover them in Your blood and carry them.

As a nation we have allowed our government to remove prayer from schools, Christ from Christmas, love and affection from the classroom, and allowed family values and morals to disintegrate. Give us wisdom and strength Lord to stand tall and speak loud and make changes to bring ourselves back to Your way. Thank You Lord that we still have Your Word to follow and that we are still allowed in this country to read Your Word.

I believe our government belongs to the people and that we have fallen asleep somewhere along the way and we have given up our responsibilities and rights. I believe that You The Amazing God we serve can wake us up and give us all we need to fix our nation we have to but ask and be willing to serve, we have to listen.


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