Tuesday, May 5, 2009

National Day of Prayer for our Nation

Lord as You know I get all kind of 'ideas' a lot of which don't materialize. And a lot of times I find out that it was because I was making plans rather than asking You for them. I'm learning!

But I have really had one tossing around in my heart, my old hippie, radical, out-of-the-box heart. And I know this morning that it is OK with you if I go for this one. You have simply made it clear to me that this works for You.

As I stand each Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my street corner holding the advertisement sign I am paid to do I dedicate that 2 hours to You and me in prayer time and reach out to you for the safety of each and every person on the road. Not just there physical bodily safety but for their souls and their families.

I have a new prayer now I include praying to You and asking that my smile to each person is a real "Jesus smile" and that you send each of these people that pass me home with a Jesus smile to their families. That each of these people open their heart as You bless them and let You show them that You are The Way.

I did a little thinking yesterday (uh-oh!) as I sang my prayers to You for these people. Some quick calculating - there were atleast 10 cars at all times in each lane (5) with 4 directions. So atleast 200 vehicles at a time at this intersection. Now, I timed the light cycle to be 3 minutes to make the full round.

I'm out there for 120 minutes so roughly 40 times there are 200 vehicles at that intersection. 40 x 200 equals 8,000 vehicles. Allowing for more than one person per vehicle (most often there are more) 25-50% of the time I calculate atleast 10-12,000 people pass me that I get the opportunity to raise up before You specifically in prayer asking you to bless them. I pray for their safety, their Jesus smiles to carry home, their acknowledgement of You, and for each unsaved to recognize you. I ask You to reveal Yourself to them. Pheeew! So I'm thinking that's 36,000 people a week Thank You Lord for pointing this opportunity out to me.

Now here is where I get all 'out-of-the-box' on you, I know that most of you have dedicated plans with alone time or with others, at your home or church to pray for our Nation and it's leaders and all other prayers. But I plan to dedicate atleast 2 hours on my very own street corner with my sign that reads "FREE TODAY - Jesus smiles" and give away as many smiles as I can while asking God to bless each and every person.

I will be praying for our Nation, our leaders, our local government and for each Christian in this nation to be glowing with Your love, my family, me, my neighbors and every stranger as I stand there giving away Jesus Smiles. If you don't have other plans already, you might want to join me and pray for all those around you too, giving away a smile as you wave and share our Lord.

May 7 National Day of Prayer for our Nation, please pray all day for this country's people to turn to God and bring Biblical morals and love and compassion to this nation.

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  1. Miawa,

    What an incredible idea. To think that you are impacting 36,000 lives each week. Sure, it's probably the same 36,000 week after week. But, oh my goodness! You are lifting 36,000 up to the throne of God.

    I'm ashamed of my meager offereings. Ashamed of how small my vision is.

    And your Jesus Smiles idea is wonderful. Oh, Lord, I need to just get out and smile at the 100 families that live in my neighborhood. I need to pray for whoever lives in each house on my street, God.

    Forgive me for living in such a small, small world.



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