Friday, April 24, 2009

I met a woman today

...she is about my age (near 60) and almost neurotically talkative. We discussed politics (seems to be her favorite subject) and I was thinking, does this woman have a life?

My daughter M met her before me they ride to work together on Saturdays. I don't want to work the 6 hour shift and I gave permission to the company to give her my Saturday's all the time. I knew I didn't have to have them, they were very hard on me and I knew this woman probably needed the 6 hours pay.

I didn't know how much she needed them, she is a tiny person, short hair and smiles a lot. She lives in her van and just parks in store parking lots at night to sleep. She spends the days looking for a day job anywhere doing anything and loves the library.

She has no home, no means of support, no parents or brothers or sisters. No relatives that she knows of and has no where to go but her beat up old van. My heart really went out to her for surviving and for still smiling.

M told me that every time she speaks of her brother or sister, this lady says "oh you are so lucky, you have someone, oh tell me more I want to hear about your family". "I wish I had someone"

I've been expressing my thoughts here at this blog about the hard economy, about how it keeps slipping and more and more people are in distress and how terribly difficult it is on so many. I've thought about how hard it is to live in a tent, leaving a nice home. How trying it must be to loose your car and bank account, your property. But what about this lady, all of that and no family.

No one to run to, to call for help to support her in any way. She is completely alone save but One. Jesus Christ who is always there.

I plan to sit with her again and this time instead of politics I want to make sure she knows she's not really alone, that Christ is always there. I have a feeling she knows, the smile on her face and her uplifting personality tell me she must but, I want to be sure.

I'm glad God introduced me to her and let me have this opportunity to share with her and I believe she has something to share with me. She has already awakened something in me about how many people need more than food and water and that has to be as much a part of helping as feeding and clothing does. It's about loving them too.

This lady still smiles! She amazes me and I know God is going to teach me something through her.

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  1. She must have angels hovering around that old van all night, Miawa. And now God has sent another angel to talk to her about Jesus.

    Love you,


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